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By Quentin Lauer

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The 1st version of this name was once a lot acclaimed because the major interpretation and exposition of Hegel's "Phenomenology of Spirit." This revision, in line with carrying on with study, retains this publication within the vanguard of Hegelian scholarship. the writer has made additions and corrections to his interpreting of this, Hegel's most vital paintings, and he presents a good interpretation of Hegel's language, in all of its complexity. To students it is going to stay an crucial research and scholars new to Hegelian philosophy will locate it approachable and transparent.

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When the dialectic of consciousness becomes the dialectic of self-consciousness, the social and historical dimensions of the dialectic become inescapable, and the movement progressively bursts the bonds of the relatively simple formula of implication exhibited in the first three chapters. As a slave consciousness over against a master consciousness, consciousness will not affirm its autonomy at all; safeguarding life is too important. As stoic or skeptic consciousness it will affirm its autonomy, but only the empty autonomy of abstract thought or sheer negation.

Self-Alienated Spirit - Culture 217 I. The World of the Self-Alienated Spirit 220 a) Culture and Its Realm of Actuality 220 b) Belief and Pure Insight 226 II. Enlightenment 228 a) Enlightenment' s Struggle against Superstition 230 b) The Truth of Enlightenment 236 III. Absolute Freedomand the Terror 238 C. Spirit Certain of Itself 241 a) The Moral World-View 242 b) Dissimulation 246 c) ConscienceBeautiful SoulEvil and Forgiveness 249 [The Beautiful Soul] 253 [Evil and Its Forgiveness] 255 Page vii 8.

No one can honestly say that too much has been written on this most seminal and most difficult thinker; if anything, too little has been written. It is important to know from the outset, however, just what sort of book this purports to be, just what it seeks to accomplish. 1 It is in no way intended as a substitute for a reading of Hegel's own words, nor to make unnecessary subsequent readings. The author hopes, however, in some degree to spare others the tortures he himself had to go through in coming to terms with the intricacies both of Hegel's thought and of the language in which he expresses that thought.

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