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By Iain T. Adamson

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Offers a proper description of set concept in keeping with the Von Neumann-Bernays-Godel axiomatic technique utilizing the concept that of periods. Covers the root of the idea, family, ordinals, cardinals, and the axiom of selection. Paper. DLC: Set concept.

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Ever because the time of the Greeks, arithmetic has concerned evidence; and it really is even doubted by way of a few even if facts, within the exact and rigorous feel which the Greeks gave to this notice, is to be chanced on open air mathe- matics. W e could quite say that this feeling has no longer replaced, simply because what constituted a prooffor Euclid remains to be a prooffor us; and in occasions whilst the concept that has been at risk of oblivion, and for this reason arithmetic itself has been threatened, it really is to the Greeks that males have became back for modds of evidence.

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P. 309 (13-7). , p. 271-2. , pp. ). , p. 338. , pp. 121-2). With Boetius he distinguishes two origins of the 'aequivicatio': the 'consilium' and the case in which the noun is used to designate a concept which is not its own, 'omatus gratia'. This reason is ephemeral and carries no weight in a dialectic study. , pp. 112-3. , p. , pp. 154-5. , p. 271 (27). , p. 124 (27-9) is interesting, where Abelard marries the significative type of property with two other ambits as a viewpoint from which to see the characteristics of a noun: one is the 'positio constructionis', the clearly grammatical element.

326 (30-1). , p. 30 (6-8). , p. 19 (21-5). , p. 136 (22-4). , p. 31 (19-30), where the validity of the sermon based on reality is affirmed. , p. 532 (3-8),36 (47), 537 (7-10), 136 (7-10). , p. 23. , p. , p. 118ff. The Abelardian position on this problem is complex and made articulate in the two solutions in Ingredientibus and Dialectica. ) In the comment, Abelard excludes prepositions and conjunctions from the definition of 'voces significativae per se' and shows their semantic value in the 'consignificatio' or in the signification of an 'actio' (and not of a concept).

Pp. 314 (14-24),315 (26-8», which he does not accept, however, and discards in favour of the Aristotelian assertions. , p. 314 (7-12», in which fragments of the Stoic cognoscitive theory were possibly present (see Sikes, Peter Abailard, Oxford 1933, pp. 108-10). , p. 113 (16-7). , pp. 315-7 passim). , pp. 505-6); (b) the statement that these 'similitudines' are not the aim of the 'impositio vocum', which is rather inclined to the 'intellectus', that is the comprehension and designation of 're,' (,significatio intellectuum' and 'significatio rerum').

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