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80 = 4 Viansino, quoted on p. ara ... CtTWV (Proem 7). If this work had survived it might have shed considerable light upon D&C. In broad outline the tale told by our sources is that Daphnis was the child of Hermes and a nymph and was exposed in the open, found and reared by nymphs (or, in other versions, shepherds), became an ox herd and a wonderful singer and was himself loved by a nymph. He promised the nymph that he would have nothing to do with any other girl and when he broke his promise, either voluntarily, or according to some reports, under the influence of alcohol, the nymph deprived him of his eyesight.

PwToe;. Lcirwv (Antid. 7)82 - and it is interesting to note that Apuleius has used a related device: as Charite flees from the robbers' cave she promises Lucius that she will put up in her house a painting of their escape and uisetur et in [abulis audietur doctorumque stilis rudis perpetuabitur historia 'asino uectore uirgo regia fugiens captiuitatem' (Met. 29). LifJwv iK€Tat, Tile; ~€ elKoVoe; OeaTal, just as we will both read and 'see' the literary elKwv. L110te; and this is part of the second major function of Longus' presentation of his work as a painting.

Oiwv (Jewv ... ro. dv(Jfl 7rcivra "Epwroc; €p-ya, ro. >vro. ara, 8Lo. oL 7rv€ovaw. This passage is, in both content and style, very like other descriptions of 'syncretic monotheisms' (Chalk [1960] 33) of the Hellenistic and imperial periods; Isis' self-presentation at Apuleius, Met. 5 may serve as a representative example: en adsum tuis commota, Luci, precibus, rerum naturae parens, elementorum omnium domina,44 saeculorum progenies initialis, summa numinum, regina manium, prima caelitum, deorum dearumque facies uniformis, quae caeli luminosa culmina, maris salubria jlamina, inferum deplorata silentia nutibus meis dispenso.

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