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Here we shall consider only the following classes, which are suitable for the scope of this book: l . Continuous-time and discrete-time signals 2. Analog and digital signals 3. Periodic and aperiodic signals 4. Energy and power signals 5. 3-1 Continuous-Time and Discrete-Time Signals A signal that is specified for a continuum of values of time t (Fig. l. l Oa) is a continuous-time signal, and a signal that is specified only at discrete values of t (Fig. l . l Ob) is a discrete-time signal. Telephone and video camera outputs are continuous-time signals, whereas the quarterly gross national product (GNP), monthly sales of a corporation, and stock market daily averages are discrete-time signals.

All these functions, derived from the unit impulse function (successive derivatives and integrals) are called singularity fanctions . t EXE RC IS E E1�9 Show that (a} (t 3 + 3)8 (t) �) (c) 38(t) . [sin (12 �)J8(r,� . 1 ; e-218(t) = 8'(t) ' ' · a,2 +·1 . . <. ·' i ' . · ·. : . ·· · •. ·,·: • - . ; · '· t singularity functions were defined by late Prof. S. J. Mason as follows. A singularity is a point at which a function does not possess a derivative. Each of the singularity functions (or if not the function itself, then the function differentiated a finite number of times) has a singular point at the origin and is zero elsewhere.


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