All About Penguins by Kay Winnit PDF

By Kay Winnit

ISBN-10: 0325016127

ISBN-13: 9780325016122

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5 (34) Mintaka 915 9 (23) Saiph 700 7 (18) Rigel 800 8 (20) 5. ” Choose beads, washers, or hex nuts that are heavy enough to pull the string you’re using taut. Use the table above to figure out where to tie on each bead or nut. For example, Rigel is 800 light-years away, which is represented by 8 inches (20 cm). Measure 8 inches from the black paper along Rigel’s length of fishing line. Mark it with a pen. Then tie the bead onto the line at the 8-inch mark and trim off the extra. Repeat until all seven have stars hanging.

The difference in distance you and the passenger observed the light travel is really a difference in how much time passed. This is Einstein’s theory of relativity. Time is not absolute; it is relative. Both you and the passengers have your own different measure of time. “The distinction between the past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion,” said Einstein. Maybe, but the fact that time isn’t the same for everyone everywhere is hard to grasp. It’s not something you notice in the ordinary world.

If not, try focusing the eyepiece by sliding it in and out and rotating the chopstick to move the secondary mirror. 1600s: telescopes and gravity 25 Bounce, Not Bend Figuring out that the same force that pulls a dropped stone to the ground also keeps the planets in orbit wasn’t Newton’s only accomplishment. He pretty much revolutionized physics in every way—and invented calculus. Light was another of his subjects. Newton’s work with light led to an important tool for astronomers. He invented a new kind of telescope—a kind much better for stargazing.

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