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Having considered the Divine Emanations, and the origin of the Universe, I must refer to the spiritual beings of the Four Worlds. In the Fint purest and highest World of Atziluth there dwell only the Primary Ten Sephiroth of tile Adam Oilah or'Archetype, perfect and immutable. In the Second World of Briah reside the Archangels headed by "Metatron" related to Kether, in solemn grandeur; He is the garment of Al Shaddai~ the visible manifestation of God; the Number of both is 314 (Zohar iii. 231~).

Permit me to afford to you an example of one sublime, deific dream:"In this conformation He is known; He is the Eternal of the Eternal ones; the Ancient of the Ancien tones; the Concealed of the Concealed ones; in His symbols He is knowable although He is unknowable. White are His garments, and His appearance is as a Face, vast and terrible in its vastness. Upon a throne of flaming brilliance is He seated, so that he may direct its flashing 41 Rays. Into many thousand worlds the brightness of His face is extended, and from the Light of this brightness the just shall receive worlds of joy and reward in the existence to come.

CHKMH, Chokmah, Wisdom, The King, with the Divine Name IH, Jah is the I. AIN JUN SUPH AIN SU .... ,... 3 . 7. "'E5 D • MALKUTH 10 THE SEPHIROTH THE ~ABALA 'H Second Sephira; BINH, Binah, Understanding, The Queen, and the Divine Name IHVH Jehovah is the Third Sephira-the "Supernal Triad" is demonstrated. Then follow qDULH, Gedulah, also called CHSD, Chesed, Mercy, with the Divine Name AL, EI; and its contrast GBURH, Geburah, Severity, also called Pachad, Fear, with the Divine NameALH, Eloah; and the reflected triangle is completed by the Sixth Sephira, the Sun, named TPART, Tiphareth, or Beauty, with the name ALHIM Elohim; considered as a triangle of reflection with the apex below.

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