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Animal Defenses (Animal habit)

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Unlike lizards, rodents do not grow back the missing parts. Tails are not the only body parts shed by animals. Some animals dispose of their limbs instead. Some species of octopus 34 AnimAl deFenses can release some of their arms if they are attacked. The wriggling arms distract the predator and let the prey escape. Large tropical centipedes also toss off legs if they feel threatened. The lost legs writhe and even make squeaky noises to distract predators. Octopuses grow new limbs. Centipedes don’t, but they have so many legs that the loss of a few doesn’t harm them.

Hognose snakes also use other defenses before resorting to playing dead. A frightened hognose snake will first raise its head, spread its neck wide, and hiss. Then, it will produce a bad smell. If this act fails, the snake flips onto its back and lies still. Like the opossum, it opens its mouth and lets its tongue hang out. If it is picked up and placed on its belly, it will keep flipping onto its back and playing dead. 3 Animal Armor A giAnt reptile lumbers through a patch of low-growing plants.

However, they are typical armor for many other animals. Armadillos, for example, are armor-plated mammals that live in Central and South America, as well as in parts of the southern With the exception of its ears and belly, the nine-banded armadillo is completely covered by a bony armor. It can, however, tuck its limbs and head into its armor and huddle close to the ground to protect its belly. 50 AnimAl deFenses United States. Their name, which means “little armored one” in Spanish, refers to their bony armor.

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